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Privacy Statement

  • Personal information

Personal information is any information that may determine your identity. This includes such things as your correct name, postal address, telephone number etc. It does not include such things as your favoured web pages or other preferences and choices.

You can visit the Website of GmbH without telling us who you are. We only get to know the name of your Internet Service provider, the Web site you are visiting us from and the pages you are visiting on our Web site. This information can be evaluated for statistical purposes. You as an individual user will remain anonymous.

  • Use or personal information and transfer to third parties

As a matter of principle we will not make your personal information available to third parties. Excepted are companies we entrust with certain duties in the course of processing of your order, e.g. courier services and payment processing companies in the case of credit card payment. These companies will get access to the personal information that is required by them to fulfill their duties. Under no circumstances they are allowed to use this data for other purposes and they are subject to German data protection laws.

If you are ordering from a foreign country where is represented by an exclusive distributor we are contractually obliged to process you order via this distributor. For this purpose we will make available the required personal and order data to this distributor for purposes of order fulfillment and payment processing. In this case the distributor is subject to the respecitive data protection laws of the country it is located in.

  • Cookies

With the first access stores a so-called session cookie in your Web browser that contains the so-called session ID. This cookie is deleted once you close your browser or on logout. Also additonal cookies are created that store for your convenience the last selected language as well as the last selected currency code (EUR/GBP/CHF) and, if the user desires so, the username and password. These cookies persists between sessions.