Page id: 50 Logo is your service partner for all aspects of oligonucleotides. We offer you a broad product range from DNA primers over single- und multi-modified complex oligonucleotides to RNA synthesis in various scales. Our interdisciplinary team with well proven expertise on the fields of nucleic acid chemistry and oligonucleotide production enables us to cater to your most special requirements. Our experienced staff will be pleased to assist you at all times with your questions around selection and use of oligonucleotides.
A highly automated production and quality control lab and state-of-the-art computer- and database systems assure you fast order processing. 
As a fully independent company, being managed by its owners, we can give you a maximum on flexibility and efficiency due to lean hierarchies and fast decision making processes. is located in new facilities in Ulm/Donau in southern Germany between Stuttgart and Munich.