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Product description

6-Fam-dArUdAdA-BHQ1: RNase-substrate


The oligonucleotide 6-Fam-dArUdAdA-BHQ1 is used as a substrate for a convenient proof of RNases. In inactivated state the quencher causes full extinction of the fluorescence of fluorescein. After digestion by the RNase, however, quencher and fluorophore are separated from each other and thus the fluorescence of the 6-Fam reporter can be detected at 520 nm.

Schaubild der steigenden Fluoreszenz nach Spaltung des Substrats Fluoreszenzspektrum des gespaltenen Substrats
Increase of fluorescence induced by digestion of the substrate (200 pM RNase A, 100 nM RNase substrats, 100 mM MES buffer, pH= 6.0, 100 mM NaCl), detection at 515 nm, excitation at 490 nm   
Fluorescene spectrum of the cleaved substrate 

Fluoreszenzfreisetzung nach RNase Substratspaltung

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