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qPCR primer und probes for your COVID-19 research:
We produce primers and probes for SARS-CoV2 qPCR assays as recommended by WHO. These oligonucleotides are available with all established dye/quencher combinations and also as large scale syntheses (XL and XXL scale). Please contact our customer support team for futher information.
DNA oligos
- Unmodified oligos
- short and extra long oligos
- XXL DNA (10-500 mg)
- Sequence modifications
- Wobbles
RNA oligos
- unmodified RNA
up to 120 bases

- RNA oligo annealing
- XL and XXL RNA (5-50 mg)
- RNA modifications
- 2´-modified RNA
qPCR Probes
- Dual-Labelled Oligos
- Double Quenched Probes
- MGB Probes
- Molecular Beacons
- Scorpions
- FRET Probes
PNA oligos
- Peptide nucleic acid oligomers (PNA)
- 6-25 bases
- various modifications possible
- extreme stability
FISH Probes
- Fluorescence probes
mono-, dope-, tetraProbes
- multiProbes
- HRP probes
- smiFISH Oligo Pools
Literature Highlight
- Rapid SARS-CoV-2 detection with RT-RPA and RT-LAMP
- Gly-Gly-Gly-modified oligonucleotides
- L-DNA oligonucleotides for DNA-PAINT