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Double Quenched Probes


Ordering information

Ordering information for Double Quenched Probes


For ordering of Double Quenched Probes please follow these instructions. For any help please contact the customer support.

  1. Fill in Oligoname and Sequence.
  2. Add a 5 as placeholder for the internal BMN-Q535 quencher between base 8 and 9 (from the 5'-end) of the oligonucleotide.
  3. Choose the synthesis scale S, M or L.
  4. Choose "6-Fam (qPCR-Probe)" as 5'-modification.
  5. Choose "BMN-Q535" as 3'-modification.
  6. Choose "BMN-Q535" as internal modification 5.
   Order information for DoubleQuenched probes via the online order system